Maria is the best thing that happened to my public speaking business. My speeches were disjointed and weak, and now they’re memorable and have the impact I want!

Maria showed me how to dig deep and offer my audience powerful,unforgettable nuggets.
Maria is really gifted at helping you clear the fog around complicated issues, even within a short frame of time.

If you want to be really brilliant and outstanding when you take that stage, if you want that standing ovation, if you want to be rehired again and again, I strongly recommend you work with Maria.

She’ll help you discover that you really are an exceptional speaker, you just didn’t know it. And here’s a bonus, you’ll have lots of fun doing it too!

Dr. Teresa Nwachukwu

Speaker and Trainer, Abuja, Nigeria

Working with Maria never fails to provide me with insight on my strengths and challenges. She has all the qualities of a great coach: clear communication, time management, and in-depth knowledge and experience. Many times I have been able to progress because of her ability to put her finger on exactly what is needed. With generosity and support, Maria meets me at my level and helps me to grow personally and professionally.

Dottie Indyke

Executive Director, Creativity for Peace, Santa Fe, NM

I was recently promoted to Director of Therapy and had to give a presentation to a large group. Public speaking has always been a great fear of mine, and I dread it. My voice shakes uncontrollably, I sweat buckets, and then I lose my train of thought. With Big Heart on Fire coaching, I went from terrified to totally confident!

I picked up techniques and speaking skills I can use for the rest of my career!
Maria’s passion for her work, her coaching skills and her sense of humor made the whole process fun!

On the day of the presentation, I stood front and center with a microphone. I was even being filmed. I rocked! The audience was laughing and asking questions. I actually started enjoying myself! At the end of the presentation one woman came up to me and said, “ You seem so confident up there! You must do this all the time!” If you want to rock your presentations, I highly recommend Maria Cruz! If I can do it, you sure can!

Maria Soller

Director of Occupational Therapy, Albuquerque, NM

I was asked to give the commencement speech at the Institute this year, and I felt really nervous about speaking in front of a large audience of my peers and their families. I wanted to craft a meaningful, moving speech. In our coaching sessions, Maria created a safe space so I could find my own voice. She did it in such a way that it felt like play, very non-threatening. She showed me amazing techniques.

Her non-judgmental encouragement made it easy for me to explore my self-expression. Plus, her enthusiasm and passion are contagious! I felt excited, confident and prepared for the big day. The speech was a great success and many people were moved to tears. After working with Maria, I noticed definite improvements in other areas of my life, too! Now I can express myself fully and confidently in any situation!

Barbara Stavola

Faculty/Clinic Supervisor, Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, NM

I was giving an important talk, and my time slot was only six minutes! I didn’t think I’d be able to get my message across in such a short time! After working with Maria, I learned that I could convey a lot, AND make it vivid and unforgettable! I learned how to take an unorganized series of thoughts, and turn them into diamonds! Maria observes and listens carefully. Her encouraging energy and sparkly passion made it so much fun to be coached! Many, many people complimented me on my speech that day! Maria is one of the best!

Erica Elliot, MD

Family Practice and Environmental Medicine, Santa Fe, NM



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