COST: $125

In this experiential, one-day workshop, you’ll learn how to remove the

barriers and blocks that get in your way when you’re trying to get your

message across. Expect a day filled with fun, laughter and revelations —

delivered in a safe, supportive environment.

• You’ll leave with your own “mind-body toolkit” filled with tools and

techniques to keep you centered, calm and connected when you’re

speaking in front of a group or even one-on-one.

• You’ll learn how to regulate all those emotions and energies that surge

through your body when you’re the center of attention.

• You’ll find out where the barriers and blocks are that hold you back,

and how to transform them.

Imagine how incredible it would feel if you could stand up and say what you

want to say.. anytime.. anywhere… whether it’s a presentation, or you’re

asked to speak on the spot!



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